Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Green Gift Giving that Saves You Green

Looking for ways to give green? Want some ideas that save you some green in your pocket while giving environmentally green gifts? Following are a few quick and easy ideas:

1. Concert tickets to a local performance. Not the rock band in the arena. Perhaps it is the four member classical musicians; perhaps it is a classical acoustic guitar performance. Look in your local paper and you will find a myriad of musical choices with ticket prices far below the arena or symphony prices.

2. A trial membership at a gym. A gym membership can be expensive, but right now those memberships are on the decline. You can give someone a thirty-day trial membership for very little money, and if they enjoy it, then they can join themselves.

3. Home Cooked meals ready for the freezer. Who doesn't have a hectic and stressful schedule? Who isn't shopping on a budget these days? To know that homemade lasagna and chicken soup are already made and waiting in the freezer for dinner can be a delicious and much appreciated treat.

4. A gift card tucked inside a homemade card. There's no paper wrapping; no bows; no tape. But the gift is the same: a gift card to a favorite restaurant or store, and tucked inside a card you took the time to create. The best of both worlds.

Go green and keep giving.

St. Andrews from the Cathedral