Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Decorating Tricks of the Trade

There are so many amazing decorating tricks known to the trade: some of them so easy and practical that you can make the changes yourself in a day. This week I'm going to give you some of those tricks, and let me know if you've got others.

1. Make the shower curtain hang from floor to ceiling. For years I've had my shower curtains made so that they can be extra long. This elongation makes the ceiling seem higher and the bathroom seem larger. If you can't find a long one already made, make a border and sew it to the bottom of a pre-made shower curtain.

2. Hang a big painting or a series of framed prints or a decorative quilt or blanket above a bed in place of a headboard. This can be a great visual and take the place of an expensive headboard. Many art supply stores sell pre-made large frames that you can put your own photos or inexpensive prints in to make a grand statement.

3. Put one really unusual, unexpected object in a room that does not really fit with your other furnishings. Why? Because it is precisely that unusual object that will throw the room "off" from being predictable and boring, and actually make it interesting. It does not have to be important or expensive; it only has to be unusual.

More decorating tricks coming all week long!

St. Andrews from the Cathedral