Monday, December 1, 2008

Best Source: McCulley's Cashmere

What's the best way to stay warm this winter? In a sweater and scarf from McCulley's!

Founded in 1983, McCulley's still delivers the best in Scottish cashmere. From a heavy winter sweater to a fine summer wrap, McCulley's has the best designs and colors. Mary Bynum is the owner and designer, and the quality from both a construction and aesthetic point is supberb.

Walking into the tiny store on the hill in Highlands, North Carolina is a throw back in time. Floor to ceiling wooden shelves hold stacks of every conceiveable cashmere good. Although the quarters are tight, Mary and her assistant, Teodora, know where to find the perfect gift. The only thing that makes me a little nutty is that nothing is priced, so you have to ask. Since I am in the business of finding the best sources and like to look at everything, this becomes a real job in McCulley's. Actually, I think it might also cost some business because people don't like to ask the price of eveything they pick up so they just put it back down. However, this is the way Mary runs it, so ask away!

The shop is located at 242 South Fourth Street in Highlands, and it is open all year. Presents will be wrapped, and whatever you give will be most appreciated as McCulley's never disappoints.

St. Andrews from the Cathedral