Thursday, December 4, 2008

Travel Thursday: Vintage Mantels and Lumber

Sure, your contractor or builder can show up with vintage beams for your ceiling or an old door for your lake house. But do you know how easy and how much fun it is to go and find those special pieces for your home?

Vintage Beams & Lumber has been in Western North Carolina for decades, specializing in beams, mantels, and lumber from old barns and homes. They've got a huge selection, and more are always en route. They comb old barns and homes on the East Coast and bring the lumber to N.C. to sell it. The owner married a Chinese lady, so they import a huge amount of Asian pieces, if you are in the market for that look. Looking is only half the fun. Purchasing a piece for your home and knowing where it came from, who owned it, and how old it is will always create a special place within your home for you to stop, look, and remember.

Vintage lumber yards dot the East Coast. Look online, or in the backs of barn interior design books in order to find the best sources.

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