Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Pieces Make a Whole

Lee Kleinhelter has made a career out of beating the odds. While everybody else in Atlanta was selling another set of highly questionable 18th century chairs, Lee blasted through the market showing us brightly colored, simply constructed, fun furniture. Today, the bottom has fallen out of the economy and no one wants or needs another set of possibly 18th/possibly 20th century chairs. But they still want what Lee has.


Because what she has in her store, Pieces, is what today's buyer wants. It's honest and it's fun. If Lee finds a mid-century piece and thinks it needs to be bright orange, then she paints it. If she mixes it with a huge piece of bamboo or coral, then it becomes fresh and fun. And her pieces neither break the bank, nor dabble in the pseudo-intellectual or intimidating that so many antique stores love to portray. The store is open; the wares are fresh and bright; and pieces are available.

See Lee for Pieces that will make the rest of your house whole.
3234-A Roswell Road

St. Andrews from the Cathedral