Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New Source!

I am not one for any website or business that uses the word "decor". However, sometimes you have to dig a little deeper past the "decor" word and see if they've got a jewel in there. And does.

Selling accessories and home goods for almost every room in your house, roomservicehome does have some surprises. One of my very favorite things is the Golden Snake Tray. A rectangular tray with raised sides, the Golden Snake Tray is embossed with a raised faux leather to imitate a golden beige snakeskin. It is simple, clean, and really good looking. I wouldn't blink if someone told me this was $250. at Bergdorf's, but at roomservicehome it's only $29.

Two other favorites include the Chatsworth Hurricanes which are a pretty pair of etched glass hurricanes for $39. for the pair, and the hot Lime Urns which are an incredible punch of color in great shapes and prices range from $15. to $29.

St. Andrews from the Cathedral