Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Morning Star is a Star

Few realize that Santa Fe has eclipsed Los Angeles as America's second leading art market behind New York City. Although most galleries and dealers in Santa Fe cater to the collector of pieces from the American West, there are a handful of other dealers who represent pieces from both the Contemporary and European markets. However, the eponymous Morning Star Gallery has been the leader in representing masterpieces of American Indian art.

Located on the culturally rich Canyon Road in Santa Fe, Morning Star is a trove of American Indian textiles, pottery, clothing, baskets and jewelry. Sprinkled amongst the wares are paintings of the American West and numerous pieces of furniture. The gallery has a welcoming, but museum-like feel about it because the pieces are displayed so that each has a presence within the space. Knowledgeable, but not overbearing, the staff is available with a wealth of further information. Also, if you do not find exactly what you're seeking, remember to ask as not all of their pieces are on display.

Visiting Morning Star is like a special trip to a museum: one where you can touch and feel our rich past of the American West. And even if you are not going to visit Santa Fe soon, it is well worth a visit to their website to see their wonderful pieces. Visit, or find them on 513 Canyon Road in Santa Fe.

St. Andrews from the Cathedral