Friday, January 3, 2014

Byrd's Fly Out of the Jar!

There is no smell sweeter to me than Spanish Moss dripping off of an ancient River Oak tree with salt water lapping in the background. My family is from Savannah, and it is a city I will always love for her down-to-earth charm. Unlike spit-and-polished Charleston, Savannah is a little more comfortable and relaxed. But where the two cities meet is at the Corner of Good Food. The Byrd Cookie Company started in Savannah in 1924, and they've been baking the best crispy cookies ever since. I grew up on Byrd's Benne Wafers, but there is no better present than a cookie jar filled with their chocolate chip cookies. If you want to make someone's day, just send them something from Byrd's. After all, they've perfected the Savannah cookie and wafer over the past ninety years.

St. Andrews from the Cathedral